5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Jewelry Box

Our jewelry plays a significant role in defining who we are. They define our history, heritage, date of birth and even our status regarding marriage. With all these, don't you think they deserve to be kept in style?

With time, jewelry boxes tend to grow old, and there come indicators that you need to update for the safety of your most prized items. The following are five signs that you need to upgrade your jewelry box.

​Tangled Jewelry

Most jewelry boxes come with compartments where you can place each of your jewelry. At times, your collection may grow big, which means the spaces in the box may not be enough to store all of them.

You end up forcing your most prized items in these spaces which make them tangle more so bracelets and necklaces. Separating tangled jewelry can be a headache, and you may end up breaking the fragile chains hence the need to purchase another which may be too costly.

​You Can’t Remember Most of Your Jewelry

Inability to remember most of your jewelry is an indication that there is a major problem. Sometimes we do bump into that very nice jewelry, maybe a bracelet or necklace, buy it and may wear it once and then store it. After some time, there you go again looking for it, but you just can't find.

To make matters worse, sometimes you don't even remember how it looked it. This is an indication that you need another box that will display all your beloved investments in a way that you can easily spot them.

​Inability of The Jewelry Door or Drawers to Open or Close

The inability of your jewelry door or drawers to close sends a clear signal that you need to refurbish your box. Most jewelry boxes are compartmentalized with doors and drawers which prove very useful when your box is still new.

These compartments offer you a lot of space to organize your jewels. Now that your drawers and jewelry door do not shut naturally like they used to sometimes back, it is a clear indication that the box may be filled with stuff, hence the need to refurbish.

​Lack of Adequate Room in Your Box

Having a large collection of jewelry is lovely. There is nothing wrong with purchasing that other necklace or bracelet and adding it your already large collection. Once you fall in love with it, you can buy it. However, you may come across one issue, storing them. You probably need space to organize all these items. Jewels like necklaces need to be hanged in their space to avoid them from being tangled.

Bracelets need to be kept away from the necklaces while rings need to be in their container to prevent them from jolting onto each other which could result in them getting damaged. There comes a time when all places get occupied yet you have to store your new jewels. When this is the case then what you need is another jewelry box for storing your new jewels.

You Stand a Risk of Harming the Value of Your Jewels

Jewels are valuable items, which must be accorded the maximum security possible. Again, the fact that they increase in value with time is one good reason to keep them safe for as long as possible. Most of the older jewels could have been made of gold or silver which are now hard to find in the market considering the prices of the materials used to make them.

If you do not organize them and they bump into each other, you stand a chance of destroying these valuable items as you could break chains or get them scratched. It, therefore, becomes necessary that you get a jewelry box that is big enough to hold all your jewels safely.

​Final Verdict

Jewelry means everything. There are those that you could have inherited from our parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents and you as well would want to pass them to your offspring. There is no better way to do this than to keep them safe, and this can be achieved continuously updating their storage boxes.

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