5 Tips for Organizing Jewelry

Organizing jewelry in a jewelry box is very useful as it ensures that your accessories are maintained in the right order for easy access when needed urgently. Perhaps the most important thing about organizing your jewelry is not just about the safety or making them easily accessible but is about the memories that come with them.

​Organizing your jewelry also enables you to keep track on the accessories that are there and the ones that are missing. It also allows you to clean the jewelry keeping them in a tidy state.

​Keeping a sizeable collection of jewelry in an organized manner can be quite hard. There is certain jewelry that can easily get lost in the mix while others may not fit in small spaces. Mixing some of your gems with other jewelry may also result in the gems getting scratched which destroys them. Since we treasure our jewelry collection, it is important that we know how to organize them.

​Organize and Divide

Arrange your pieces in jewelry boxes with ample slots and compartments. This will ensure that your jewelry is kept intact and easily accessible. Fortunately, there are jewelry boxes that offer compartments that suits organizing. In case you have quite a number of the jewelry boxes, the best way is to stack them in a drawer. Organizing your accessories in compartments ensures that they are orderly, remain safe, and are kept free from dust.

Separate Your Jewelry Collection by Type

Jewelry such as necklaces, bangles, bracelets, and earrings should be separated from the other accessories as they can easily get lost or become damaged. Necklaces should be stored individually in standing jewelry boxes to ensure they do not tangle.

This will enable you to spot the one that complements your dress. Earrings, being small in size, can easily get lost. Therefore they should be placed in their compartment in the jewelry box. Bracelets and necklaces on the hand can be placed in the vanity top organizers.​

​Your Jewelry Should be Kept Visible

Keeping your jewelry visible will help you avoid looking for your perfect choice at the very last minute. Again time is precious, and you do not want to waste a lot of time looking for that necklace that best matches your outfit.

Jewelry such as watches, necklaces, and earrings can be kept visible by stacking them in the drawer compartments that can easily be accessed. Keeping your jewelry visible will also make it easy for you to notice if there is a problem with them.

​Keep The Jewelry That You Use Daily Easily Accessible

​Keeping the jewelry that you use daily in a place where you can easily access them will help make your daily routine a lot easier. Smaller items such as earrings and rings can be placed in small jewelry boxes while the bigger ones like necklaces can be suspended on the walls.

Ensure Your Valuables are Kept Safe

​Valuables such as gems are very expensive thus need to be given maximum protection. Keeping these valuables in a jewelry safe helps protect them from damages that may be caused by scratches from other jewelry. It is also necessary to wrap these valuables when storing them so that their value and appearance can be maintained.