Best Jewelry Box- Top 10 Jewelry Box Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Jewelry is such a nice luxury to have. We all adore the little gems, rings, chains, and pendants we’ve gathered over the years so much that we want to take care of them, from cleaning them regularly to making sure they have the best jewelry box possible to live in.

Maybe you’ve been collecting since before you can remember, maybe a special someone has made it a habit of spoiling you, or maybe you even make your own. No matter what, if you have enough, you’ll definitely need a way to keep it organized.

Hooks and display stands look nice, but offer little protection. For that, a quality jewelry box is your best bet. Your jewelry is an expensive investment in both your appearance and your self confidence, so you should make sure it’s always safe when you’re not using it.

With a simple, elegant design, this jewelry box will fit well for small collections. Cute quilted hearts decorate the outside and padded feet make it easy to slide on and off of a shelf.

Inside, six small compartments will fit various accessories neatly and the ring holder in the middle has space for a collection of modest size. Additionally, the soft pink lining will cushion it all from any damage.

Upon opening, a delicate pink ballerina will spin gently to the tinkling tune of Fur Elise. A little classical music while you class yourself up will make you feel even more elegant and graceful.

Behind the ballerina, a small mirror will allow you to check your reflection while you primp. The ballerina will also bring up feelings of nostalgia or retro admiration, as the music and jewelry box combination has long since been a staple in the industry.

Little kids will enjoy the music and ballerina as well. Presenting them with this jewelry box will be helpful to the beginner collector, teaching them to take care of their things while also letting them have a little fun.


  • Sleek, elegant, and attractive appearance
  • Soft fuzzy compartment lining for protection
  • Well-crafted ballerina and charming music
  • Great gift idea for small children starting their own collections
  • Small, compact, and easy to store and pack for travelling
  • Sturdy make withstands hits and drops


  • Strong glue smell upon first opening, but goes away after airing out the box
  • Too small to fit larger and chunkier sets of jewelry

This is a jewelry box for those that have a wide variety of accessories. Four long compartments will hold long necklaces and bracelets. Eight medium ones will perfectly fit bangles, watches, or large earrings.

Twelve small compartments allow plenty of space for smaller piercings or clip ons, and there are four rows where rings can be placed.

Half of the compartments are part of a lift out shelf, making it easier to both examine all of you jewelry and store neatly when you’re done. A large mirror is fixed to the inside of the lid and a sleek magnetic clasp holds it all together.

As one of the best jewelry box brands, Gleaner Co uses high quality materials to make their products. Each compartment is lined with soft velvet to cushion and protect your jewelry.

The outside is made of smooth leather with a simple but attractive stitching design. A magnetic clasp hidden under a stylish buckle adds a stunning accent to an otherwise plain appearance. If you want something casual, classy, and roomy, this jewelry box is for you. It even comes with a neat gift box and blank greeting card in case you were looking to give it to someone special.


  • Lots of space and room without being too big
  • Smooth velvet protects jewelry from scratches
  • Simple, attractive design
  • Less than a food long in all dimensions, making it easy to store
  • Large mirror for easy appearance checks


  • Sometimes the lid and the top tray misalign and have to be adjusted to close properly
  • Uses thin ribbons to keep the box open instead of metal hinges, which some users found ineffective

Also made by Gleaner Co, this jewelry box is of a similar size and style of the previous one. Soft, sleek black leather with neat stitching covers the outside.

It also utilizes the same simple magnet clasp with a stylish metal logo on the front. Inside, one pull out box and the bottom container are both lined with soft velvet.

What’s different about this one is the capacity it offers. Instead of a variety of sizes for different types of jewelry, this box contains fifty small square compartments.

If you have a lot of earrings or hairpins, this one is for you. Each box can hold a few pairs of small earrings or a couple of larger ones.

If you’ve amassed a large collection over the years, this jewelry box will help you store all of it. With so many boxes, it won’t be hard at all to divide your accessories into categories like color, size, metal, or however else you chose to organize your things.

If you find you have some boxes left over, it can even be used to store fine chains and other small piercings.If you make your own jewelry or plan to sell your collection, this box also makes for a very convenient carrying case. It’s small size allows it to fit into a bag.


  • Many compartments for easy organization
  • Lightweight for easy travel
  • Soft velvet and smooth leather cushion your jewelry from harm
  • A large mirror on the lid allows easy touch ups
  • Quality materials from a trusted brand


  • Again, the lid sometimes has trouble staying up on its own
  • The compartment dividers aren’t removable, making it impossible to store larger accessories

This jewelry box is a whole production all on its own. Five pull out drawers, each larger and with bigger compartments than the last, make up the bulk of the box.

The top two drawers hold twelve small compartments for earrings and small pendants and one medium compartment for small bracelets or necklaces. The next drawer has two more medium compartments as well as two long ones to hold watches or chunky chains.

Under that, four large compartments make space for bigger pieces, and finally, the bottom drawer is one large square to hold your largest accessories.Ease side of the box swings out to reveal five hooks for hanging small chains and two long pockets.

Another pocket is stitched inside of the lid under a mirror. On the top surface of the box are several rows of ring holders as well as another, smaller, pull out jewelry box.

All of these features fold up neatly into one neat box not even a square foot big with a convenient handle on top for carrying. A strong lock with a key will keep anyone from trying to sneak a piece while you aren’t looking as well. Perfect for travelling, this box will let you take your jewelry anywhere and find it all still neatly organized when you arrive.


  • Organized design with many compartments while remaining compact and portable
  • All compartments and pouches are lined with suede and finished in oiled leather
  • Sturdy handle allows easy trave
  • lLock and key prevents theft or rummaging while baggage changes hands
  • Smaller pull out jewelry box lets you take small sets of jewelry with you wherever you go


  • If necklaces are too bulky the side compartments can’t close
  • The drawers are very easy to pull out and and accidentally spill

Another travel case, this jewelry box is much simpler and easy to manage while still keeping its functionality and a good size capacity.

It has only two pull out drawers: one with two medium sized compartments for chunky bracelets or necklaces, and one with two watch holders and another small compartment.

The bottom drawer also acts as a slot for portable pull out mini jewelry box. The top holds eight small compartments for earrings and the like, two medium boxes, and a full row for rings.

On each side, swing out compartments hold more hooks for necklaces. Pockets line the sides and top, and a mirror sits on the inside of the lid. The mini jewelry box has three small earrings compartments, a medium chain box, and four ring slots.

If you’re looking to go on a short vacation, this jewelry box would be the perfect packing helper. Big enough to carry a good amount of accessories yet not so big that you wind up taking everything, it will help you prioritize what you want to bring with you. Once you’ve decided, the well-crafted handle on top and secure locking clasp will keep it all safe on the road.


  • Comes in either a bold black or a stylish white
  • Soft beige velvet lines and cushions each compartment
  • Small and portable while still proving space for enough jewelry
  • Comes with an extra key in case the first is lost
  • Simplistic design looks chic and professional


  • Strong glue smell upon first opening, but goes away after airing out the box
  • Too small to fit larger and chunkier sets of jewelry

This is a jewelry box that radiates maturity and serious style. While similar to the previous two, this one sits a cut above the rest thanks to it’s color and design.

It’s almost stunning how a simple color change--black or white to a deep brown--can change the aesthetic of something so much, but this jewelry box definitely gives off a feeling of power and confidence.

It’s chocolate brown exterior and oak brown interior lining, it looks like a finely crafted antique wooden box despite being supple, oiled leather, soft suede, and strong synhahide for extra protection.

The additional mini jewelry box included matches the elegant color scheme of the rest.With all of the usual works, it also has quite a lot of capacity for your accessories.

Five pull out drawers, swing open necklace holders, removable earring holders, ring holders, and pouches are all fitted neatly together in an easily navigable setup. A strong handle allows you to carry it with you to show people your elegance on your travels, and the lock and key will keep your valuables safe.


  • Dramatic color scheme exudes maturity
  • Oiled, reinforced leather and lining keeps your jewelry protected
  • Light and portable with many compartments for larger collections
  • Earring holders are removable to make room for other accessories if needed
  • Small mirror allows for quick check ups


  • The lock can be flimsy for some people
  • Many thought it was smaller than they were expecting and wanted more space for their jewelry

A big jewelry box for big collection, this one will have room enough for all you have and more. At around a full square foot it has thirty-nine different compartments of varying sizes spread out over five drawers.

Twenty small compartments, twelve medium ones, four large ones, and two whole bottom drawers with no dividers in it all allow you to store even your biggest accessories. On the very top, there’s another medium sized compartment and three rows of ring holders.

These two can be removed as well, giving you an extra large drawer if you need it.Like the previous boxes, this one also features swing out sides with hooks for necklaces and bracelets, as well as soft pockets to hold extra things.

Unlike them, this box is much taller, giving you extra space for each chain or string of beads. It lacks the third pocket in the lid, but makes up for it with a larger mirror that makes it easier to check your appearance.

The outside has a neat, functional appearance with a carrying handle and three latches to keep your jewelry safe and contained. It’s covered in soft leather, lined in soft suede fabric, and comes in either black, brown, or cream color.


  • Extra large compartments for bigger accessories
  • Tall swing out sides for long pieces
  • Attractive and detailed without being cluttered
  • Removable top compartment gives extra space
  • Comes with a one year warranty


  • While the top and sides latch close, the drawers have nothing stopping them from falling open
  • Has no locking mechanism for security

Soft leather is nice and looks fancy, but sometimes you need something more solid and sturdy. If you have kids or pets, or if you yourself are just a little clumsy, a jewelry box might get damaged.

Wood is much harder to hurt than leather and if it does happen to get a nick or scratch, is much easier to touch up yourself. With it’s handsome wooden exterior and soft felt interior lining, this box is the best jewelry box to keep your valuables safe from outside forces.

It follows the usual formula for these bigger jewelry boxes, holding five drawers with a variety of earring compartments, bracelet holders, wide spaces for chunky accessories, and ring holders. The swing open sides also have metal necklace and bracelet hooks.

What takes this box a step above the rest is its height. With an extra few inches on the other boxes, this one has both extra compartment space and extra room for your necklaces to hang.

Instead of pouches at the bottoms of its flaps there are study little boxes, letting you organize things while also preventing overfilling and causing problems with closing later. A round mirror on top helps you prepare for the day, and you even get the choice between black, brown, or red wood.


  • Metal hinges keep the top open for ease of use
  • Stylish hourglass design classes up any room
  • Nickel-coated handles add a nice accent
  • Tarnish-resistant felt and crack-resistant wood
  • Very large for big jewelry collections


  • No locks anywhere, just drawers and latches
  • Drawers can be wiggly and a little off
  • Magnet latches aren’t very strong

Watches are often a sign of wealth and class, especially when everyone already has a phone to tell them the time. Avid watch connoisseurs know that there’s a watch to go with every mood and outfit.

If you’re that interested that you have enough watches to warrant a watch case, this one would be perfect for you.

With twenty separate compartments, you’ll have room for your whole collection. The soft velvet pillows will protect your accessories from dust and damage and the clear glass window on top will allow you to display them proudly.

Even if you don’t have enough watches to fill this case up, it can still be of use to you. Each velvet pillow is removable, freeing up space for earrings, bracelets, pendants, or other small accessories.

The bottom drawer pulls out smoothly for easier arrangement and a strong metal hinge keeps the lid open while you work. Smooth black faux leather with clean, professional looking white stitching surrounds the case and the interior is lined with soft velvet. To protect your valuables, a metal lock seals it all together.


  • Velvet pillows are removable to provide storage for other accessories
  • Strong glass protects watches from dust
  • Multiple keys to lock
  • Less than a square foot to save storage space
  • Excellent gift for collectors


  • Only the top locks, not the bottom drawer
  • Compartments might not fit larger watches
  • Dividers aren’t removable

Leaving the largest for last, this final jewelry box has seven roomy layers to store even the most varied of collections. With nine small boxes, eight medium boxes, three large boxes, and two fully open drawers, any size jewelry will fit easily.

All of the little drawers are deep enough to hold multiple pieces in one if you still find yourself needing more space. At it’s height, the swing open sides are also long enough that you won’t even have to use the deep pockets at the bottoms to hold the ends of your necklaces.

Additionally, a framed mirror is set on the inside of the lid, giving you an easy way to touch up your look before you close up shop and head out. For security, this box has a tough lock with a key.

It also has a strong ribbon to keep the lid from falling all the way back and dropping the mirror, and the two side flaps latch shut securely. With smooth faux leather, soft velvet lining, and attractive silver handles, it will liven up the appearance of any room as well.


  • Very large capacity will hold expansive jewelry collections
  • Lock and key to protect most valuable items
  • Tall enough to let most necklaces hang with no problem
  • Quality materials and stylish look without being too expensive
  • Durable metal hinges will withstand years of use


  • Only the top compartment locks, not the drawers or sides
  • Some buyers found their inner lining wasn’t fitted correctly and was loose or misaligned

Best Jewelry Box Brands

Jewelry boxes can be found in various brands which may differ depending on quality. The following are some of the best jewelry box brands you can find in the market.

Songmics Brand

Songmics jewelry brand is one of the top brands you can find in the market. Jewelry boxes from this brand have an outstanding layout and are attractive. They also have several compartments which makes ideal for keeping earrings, bracelets, rings, watches etc. This brand has the following features;

  • Jewelry boxes from this brand are made of faux leather and soft velvet. This ensures that the jewelry that is kept in it is protected from getting scratched or damaged.
  • Jewelry boxes are compartmentalized
  • The jewelry boxes are multi-functional in that it can store a range of jewelry

Glenor Brand

Glenor jewelry box brands is another top brand available in the market. This brand is ideal for a collection of earrings. Jewelry boxes from this brand provide you with the room to neatly keep your earrings in compartments with a beautiful display. This brand has the following features;

  • There are fifty small compartments in each box where earrings can be paired with a beautiful display
  • Their jewelry boxes are very attractive in design
  • They offer high-quality boxes that have the potential of lasting long
  • They usually have gifts packaged in their boxes plus a gift card
  • They have a smooth exterior made of leather
  • They have a soft velvety fabric covering the interior eliminating any possibility of your jewelry ever getting scratched

Bewishome Brand

Bewishome brand offer jewelry boxes that are compartmentalized allowing you to keep your jewelry separately and in an organized manner. These boxes are ideal for storing matching items like earrings, bracelets, rings et cetera.Jewelry boxes from this brand has the following features;

  • They have elegant look
  • They are compartmentalized. Each comprises of two layers with several compartments
  • They have a large built-in mirror which is removable
  • Their sizes are perfect and look gorgeously on the dresser

Kendal Brand

Kendal brand like many other top jewelry box brands is compartmentalized for keeping a variety of jewelry. Also, they have an exclusive panel design that enables you to hang your necklaces and bracelets. This brand has the following features;

  • Their jewelry boxes have a contemporary design
  • They are made of leather
  • Each of the jewelry boxes has compartments
  • Has glass mirrors under the top lid

Things to CONSIDER Before Buying Jewelry box

Size: Depending on your relationship with jewelry, you might need a small, compact box or a larger, more extravagant one. Do you only have a few unique pieces, or is your collection full and expansive?

Do you like what you have now or do you want to buy more? Do you travel or mostly stay at home? How much counter or shelf space do you have to hold the box? Ask yourself these questions to pinpoint what size you really need.

Material: Jewelry box makers know that even the slightest hard edge or sharp corner can ding a piece and dent, scratch, or bend it out of shape. To prevent this, a good box will have a soft interior with padded or cushioned compartments.

Look for a box with felt, velvet, cotton, or any other soft material lining the inside. The extra padding will absorb shock as well in case you drop the box or hit it against something, minimizing the damage done to your jewelry.

Organization: If you’re looking to buy a jewelry box, chances are that you have more than one type of jewelry. Bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, and everything else can’t all be lumped into the same compartment to get all jumbled up.

Many jewelry boxes come with a number of little compartments or drawers to place your things in. Fancier ones even have hooks and clasps. If you want to keep it simple, get a box with just enough compartments to fit what you have. If you want to go deeper into categorizing your accessories, buy one with some extra space to use as you see fit.

Security: Obviously, jewelry is expensive. There’s no use in storing all of your accessories all neat and orderly if anyone can just come in and rummage around them with no trouble. Even if you’re looking for a cheap little box to store your kids’ cheap little jewels in, jealous siblings can worm their way in and some form of lock should be included for protection and security.

If you’re worried about losing a key, try a box with a magnet lock, a tricky clasp, or even one that plays music so you’ll at least be able to hear someone trying to “borrow” your favorite ring.

Add-ons: A jewelry box shouldn’t be just a box--it should help you get ready to go out. A small mirror to help you check your appearance, pouches to hold extra things, little lids over each compartment, a handle to carry it--any little add-on that can be included should be considered.

Figuring out exactly what you want your box to do for you will help you customize your search to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Final Verdict

No matter how much jewelry you have, you should consider looking into best jewelry boxes. Even a few earrings can get lost or damaged if you have nowhere official to put them. Before you buy, make sure you consider all of the aspects of a box depending on what you think you need.

Ask yourself the usual questions--how much space do you have? How much do you need to store all of your jewelry and still have room left over in case you ever get more? What color would look best in your room? Any question you can think of, make sure it’s answered before you even start looking.

Once you’re browsing, make sure to look at everything listed. Check the size specifications, compare features, read both the positive and negative jewelry box reviews, and make a careful decision that’s right for you. After all, your jewelry is a luxury, and it deserves a nice place to live.