Best Jewelry Steam Cleaners 2018- Guide & Reviews

Your gems were probably shiny and spectacular when you first bought them. Over time, you will notice that they no longer shimmer in the light. Most of us have dealt with gemstones or jewelry that seems to lose its shine after a while. When this happens, there is only one proper way to bring back to glitter and shine; and that method is by you purchasing the best jewelry steam cleaner available.

Cleaning your precious stones by hand can take forever and for some reason, they do not seem to retain their old sparkle. You could opt to take them to be professionally cleaned but that can be time consuming and costly. One of the best and most convenient methods for cleaning your gemstones is by steam cleaning. In this post, we shall look at why everyone who owns gems and jewelry should purchase these devices. We shall also look at 5 best jewelry cleaner machines available; and finally, a step by step guide for best results.

What Is a Jewelry Steam Cleaner?

No longer do you have to take your gems to professional jewelers and pay a high service fee – jewelry steam cleaners allow you to clean your gems from the comfort of your home. These devices are easy and cheap to operate as well as environmentally safe. No chemicals are used in the process – just plain water.

However, it is best to first ensure that your gemstones are suitable; for example, some gemstones such as opals cannot take the heat of steam cleaners. Other types that should not be cleaned using a steam cleaner include glass, dyed, glued (any jewel that uses glue should not be cleaned by these machines as the glue might be weakened) or porous (such as pearls, opals, and amber) gemstones.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Best Jewelry Steam Cleaner


As mentioned earlier, there are a few materials that do not mix well with steam cleaning. If you mainly own pieces that are inclusive of glue, then we would suggest you steer clear of such machines. This is because, instead of only bring back the shine, your glue will begin to weaken and over time, it will not reliable enough to hold your gemstone in place. Always consider your type of gemstones and ensure that it is safe to use on such machines.


Do you wear your stones often? How often do you think you shall use said machine? If you think you might be using it constantly, then we would recommend that you read past Best Jewelry Steam Cleaner Reviews to determine which model would work best with your prized possessions. However, if you do not own many expensive stones, then purchasing an entire steam cleaner might be a waste of money – it might be easier to just take your ring, earrings, necklace, etc to a professional.


How much are you willing to spend? Money is a key determinant when it comes to any purchase decision. Always stick to your budget and try purchasing one that will provide you with best value for your money.


Are you more interested in the price, quality, design, etc. What are you looking for? Which factor will you consider more as you decide whether you are going to make a buy or no?


Finally, always read past reviews. Past customers provide unbiased opinions regarding a certain product. How did that product hold up after multiple uses? Does it still provide same performance years later? How is the warranty? What is the brand’s reputation? Such questions are of great importance and should be factored in when it comes to decision making time.

Top 5 Best jewelry steam cleaner - Comparison Table

Recommended best Jewelry Steam Cleaner Reviews

GemOro 0375 is a fantastic model that has a larger capacity steamer with even greater stem pressure. It is able to clean faster. Thanks to its increased steam pressure, you will be amazed by how it effortlessly blasts away any filth from the dirtiest of jewels in a matter of seconds.

This device is able to reach those nooks and cranny with ease. Due to its large basket, you will be able to clean your entire collection and more without strain. GemOro 0375 cleans diamonds, gold, silver and platinum pieces. It has an advanced LED indicator light that shows when unit is heating and when it’s good and ready to begin.


  • Has a bright blue LED light that illuminates pieces when they are being steam-cleaned
  • Comprises of easy-lift handles for moving
  • Cabinet is made of durable ABS and stainless steel panels that are long lasting
  • Has a removable drying basket
  • An easy to use and convenient on/ off power switch


  • Might be a bit expensive
  • Tank might be too large for just one piece – meaning that you might need to wait for other pieces to get dirty so you can service them together

This model is ideal for anyone wishing to save a few bucks. It comes with both an ultraspa dual ultrasonic and a steamer cleaner. It is the world’s only personal combination system that utilizes both an ultrasonic and a steam-cleaner in one compact appliance. You can use it for your diamonds, gold, silver, platinum, metal, and more! 

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  • Performs incredibly wel
  • lComprises of two-stage cleaning process
  • Only requires 6 minute cycle


  • It is a bit expensive
  • Manufacturer only offers 1 year replacement warranty

GemOro 0361 is a high quality model that is even used in medical and dental clinics and other facilities. It is designed to offer service to various pieces including those with diamond studs. This model comes in a compact size, making it a perfect option for anyone with limited space.

You are guaranteed fast and effective cleaning. Dirt and grime will be removed in just a matter of minutes. It has a large tank that can hold a lot of items without any strain.


  • LED indicator that lights up when unit is ready
  • It is durable and has stainless steel accent panels
  • Easy to lift handles that facilitate easy moving
  • Manufacturer offers 2 year replacement warranty


  • Some past users have complained that it does perform as well as they would have preferred

GemOro UltraSpa is world’s first compact personal-sized model for home use. It comes inclusive of dual action services: steam cleaning with built in Ultrasonic Cleaner. GemOro UltraSpa uses only water. Ultraspa is a quality machine that provides ultimate cleaning results for sparkling diamonds, silver, gold, platinum, metal bands, and more. It comes with a two stage process that helps scrub and eliminate dirt and grime.

Using Ultrasonic sound waves and regular tap water, it removes any grime lodged in hard to reach places. Next, it uses its steamer to blast away any excess residue. You will be amazed by how easy and fast your stones will be cleansed and refurbished.


  • Uses only water
  • Easy to use
  • Remove grime in a short period of time
  • Affordable


  • Takes a lot of counter space
  • Some past users have complained about their model leaking steam

Reliable 5000CJ model provides up to 4 hours of continuous dry steaming. This model uses regular tap water. It is designed to deliver superior quality services and provide best possible user experience. Reliable 5000CJ offers a quick, efficient way of removing left over wax, plaster waste and other debris.

Made in Italy, Reliable 5000CJ has a durable stainless steel finish that is long lasting and easy to polish off. It has a 12 gauge wiring throughout, a ceramic terminal block, and an all stainless steel tank that eliminates any chance of rust.


  • Provides incredible performance
  • Takes only a few minutes to heat up
  • Comes equipped with a low water button that will alert you when water levels are too low
  • Steam is consistent and powerful


  • Some past users have a bit of an issue regarding its warm up time

So, How Does It Work?

These devices are relatively easy to operate. They do not require a lot of time nor do they require much from a user. All you have to do is simply fill up your tank with fresh water and let it warm up (this varies from model to model. Some take a relatively short time to do so while others require more time), insert gems into basket and switch on your device. It will then take it from there – it will run for a full cycle. Once cycle is done, your items simply need to be placed on a soft and clean cloth to air dry. And there you have it – impress your friends and loved ones with ever-sparkling jewelry every time.

There are a few main things that you will note once you begin using your own steam cleaner. One main benefit will be how much time you will be saving. How you ask? Well:-

No more to and fro

For one, you will no longer need to figure out a good time to drop off your stones to a professional cleaner. Trying to find a suitable time between dropping your little ones to school, buying groceries, going into work, rushing to pick up kids from school, preparing supper, etc can be downright impossible. When you have your own device, you can simply operate it as you prepare dinner or as you help your kids with their homework.

No redo

How many times have your dropped off your item with a professional only to note that it is not as sparkly as you would wish it to be? Sometimes our prized possessions need a little bit of TLC that only we can personally deliver. There is something satisfying in taking the time to carefully clean your own gemstones. There is a bit of pride that comes when your friends ask you where you got your jewelry rebuffed.

No mistakes

Have you ever taken in a specific item for cleaning only to realize that you forgot to carry another piece that also required the same service? When you have your own machine, you need not worry about that piece you forgot to include into your basket. Simply wait for the cycle to finish and then place it inside for its own servicing. It is that simple.

Step By Step Method: How to Use Steam Jewelry Cleaner in Proper Way

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Final Verdict

When it comes to your prized possessions, there is something very fulfilling when you service them yourself. There is some love that is poured into during cleaning process; there is a way you handle your pieces that a professional might not. This TLC is what you are paying for when you purchase best jewelry steam cleaner machine.

From step-to-step guide on how to best go about steam-cleaning to our top 5 pick, our review has it all. If you have any questions regarding above mentioned products; or you simply have a steaming question, do not hesitate to leave your queries below.