Best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner Reviews 2018

I understand that it can be hard to find the best ultrasonic gun cleaner. There are a variety of different cleaners on the market. Being able to determine which one will work best, is a difficult process. Here are several factors that can help you to determine where to find the right gun cleaner and what type works best.

Being able to understand what each gun cleaner has to offer can help to determine the best ultrasonic gun cleaner to purchase. These contributing factors and reviews will be beneficial for deciding on which one you need. The proper cleaner can provide the most results when using it to accurately clean the gun.

​Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner

Gun Type

Power Supply


Tank Capacity


Recommended top 5 best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner

These recommended Ultrasonic Gun Cleaners are good choice to consider. These product reviews will help you to determine which cleaner has the best benefits and functions for your gun cleaning needs.


RCBS Ultrasonic Case Cleaner

The RCBS Ultrasonic Case Cleaner has many quality features. It is considered to be a popular and high-quality cleaner. It contains the tools and accessories to provide the best cleaning capabilities that a cleaner case can offer.

The 60-watt transducer is an extremely powerful and create the best cleaning mechanisms.

The case comes with a ceramic heater that is powered with 100 watts. The stronger the heat that this ceramic heater provides the quicker it removes the grime and dirt from the gun.

The more heat that is used can help to increase the time process of the cleaner. The heat helps to break down and loosen any grime and dust that is on the gun.

It provides a 36kHz frequency for the ultrasonic capacity. This helps in the cleaning process and can determine the time it may take to finish the cleaning process.

A sensor is available to let you when it is time to change out the cleaning solution for a better cleaning capacity. The tube and drain help to reduce any mess or leakage during the ultrasonic process.

Things we liked

  • It saves a lot of time when using the cleaning case
  • The cleaner makes it easier to get into the pockets
  • The case comes with everything
  • The equipment worked perfectly
  • It is simple to use

Things we didN't like

  • It took longer than expected
  • Instructions were hard to understand
  • It did not clean the pins on the gun

Hornady Lock N Load Sonic Cleaner II (110 Volt)

The Horsady Lock N Load Sonic Cleaner II is a good choice of cleaner to purchase. It comes with many features that can be beneficial for a clean firearm. It works perfectly when cleaning brass on the gun.

It will clean the brass and give it a complete shine with no gunk or grime. You can use this cleaner to clean the parts of guns that normally do not get cleaned.

The parts that are able to be cleaned will work more sufficiently and accurately with each use.

The ceramic heater that is included in this product is powered with 80 watts. The tank is durable and made out of stainless steel. It can handle bumps and is not easily breakable.

The tank is a good size and can hold a variety of guns to be cleaned. The size is a little over seven inches by size inches by three inches. The size is needed to determine if the gun will fit comfortably in the heater for a better clean.

Things we liked

  • The cleaner works great
  • It cleaned all my guns and parts perfectly
  • ​The brass was cleaned with one use
  • It is an easy to use process
  • The heater puts out enough heat to make the cleaning process quicker

Things we didN't like

  • ​The cleaner solution is cheap
  • It did not clean my gun thoroughly
  • The kit was not easy to use
  • It took more time

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Hornady Lock N Load Hot Tub for Sonic Cleaners

The Hornady Lock N Load Hot Tub for Sonic Cleaner is a remarkable product that is a popular choice. It has many wonderful features that ensure a good quality cleaning process.

The kit comes with drain pans to keep from making a mess when cleaning a gun. The drain pans are helpful to drain out any excess substance or solution for convenience.

It can be used to clean many different cartridges from the outside and the inside.

There are five different temperature settings that can help to increase or decrease the amount of heat and cleaning power that you use.

The different temperature settings are a great feature because you have the ability to change the temperature. This may be needed depending on the type of gun or parts you are wanting to clean.

Some higher temperatures may not be good for certain parts. Being able to change the setting can assist you in cleaning a wider range of guns and parts.

Things we liked

  • Good price
  • Saved a lot of time for other things that could be done
  • It works great on many different gun types
  • The kit is easy to use
  • The settings are helpful to have

Things we didN't like

  • Did not clean all of my guns perfectly
  • There was still dirt embedded in the gun
  • The cleaner uses more time to clean that what I had hoped for
  • The instructions are not easy to complete

Lyman Turbo Sonic Case Cleaner (115-Volt)

The Lyman Turbo Sonic Case Cleaner is a good product to look into. It has become a top choice in the gun cleaning sales.

The cleaner is capable of cleaning the gun cases in little time. It claims to clean them in approximately ten minutes of time.

The quick cleaning time can allow you to clean many guns in less time that it would take to clean one by hand. The ultrasonic outcome is great due to the basket and heater that is provided.

When using the basket and heater it helps to improve the performance of the ultrasonic cleaning process. The heated tank is available to reduce the time it takes to break up dirt and grime from the gun for an adequate cleaning outcome.

It has the ability to lift any residue and dirt off the gun and the cases that have accumulated over time. This type of deep cleaning can take a little time to complete. It will leave the gun looking like new after this process is done.

Things we liked

  • It cleans the brass and cartridges of a gun
  • The cleaner has made the gun look better than ever
  • The heater has a powerful heating mechanism that helps to save cleaning time
  • The gun has come out of the cleaning process looking like it has never been used

Things we didN't like

  • It did not clean all the parts of the gun accurately
  • Some of the guns is cleaner than other areas
  • The solution and cleaning process was hard to follow
  • The heater was not working like it should

iSonic P4820-WSB Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner

The iSonic P4820-WSB Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner is a great option. The cleaner has many wonderful and useful features that will make a gun look like new.

The mesh basket is made of stainless wire, which will be hard to break or crack. Stainless steel is a strong material that makes great durable items.

The heater that comes with the kit is of 110 watts. This will put out plenty of heat and help increase the amount of time it takes to complete the gun cleaning process.

The size of the tank is approximately 9.8 inches by 5.8 inches by 3.1 inches. The size of the tank is capable of holding many gun parts and a variety of guns for cleaning.

The time has five different settings to choose from. The timer can be set to help you know when the cleaning process is complete. It is good to have because it will keep you from overheating the gun or part you’re cleaning.

Things we liked

  • The temperature control has five different settings to choose from
  • The gun cleaner works excellent
  • It is able to clean guns and gun parts
  • Removes dirt from all areas of the gun when cleaning

Things we didN't like

  • The temperature control did not work when I had set it
  • Not all of the gun parts came completely clean
  • The cleaner was difficult to set up and work
  • It is not big enough to clean all of my guns

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Benefits of Using an Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner

Clean Guns

One benefit that the gun cleaner has to offer is it cleans a variety of guns. These guns can range from different types and can be cleaned better than hand cleaning. It has the option for different condors to provide more heat and longer cleaning time if needed.

Uses Heat

The use of heat to clean the guns provide for a better cleaning outcome. The heat can help to break down residue and grime for easier cleaning capabilities. The heat makes the cleaning process a fast and efficient outcome. Heat can help to loosen up and dirt that may be embedded in small tiny crevice’s that would be hard to reach otherwise.​


The big benefit of using the Ultrasonic Cleaner is to save plenty of time. It can take as little as ten minutes to clean a gun when using this cleaning process. It normally takes longer than that to clean a gun by hand. The cleaning outcome is harder to achieve when not using this method. It gives you more free time to do other things instead of cleaning guns.

​Parts, Cartridges, and Details

The cleaning process can be used on guns, gun parts, gun cartridges, and clean tiny details. This is a huge benefit that people can take advantage of. Being able to clean this many items in less time is a great outcome.

Final Verdict

​I recommend buying one of the top 5 ultrasonic gun cleaners because the benefits are amazing. It saves time, money, and can get the gun looking cleaner than before. The type of cleaning process is safe to use and will help to get embedded dirt lose to be easily cleaned away. It can clean parts and cartridges to ensure they continue working properly for years to come. The gun cleaner will get the brass clean and shiny with little effort.

It will let you clean as many guns as you would like in less time. The cleaner is easy to work and use with expected performance. The Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner is a great choice to purchase for your gun cleaning needs.