Branson Model B200 Ultrasonic Cleaner Review

Ultrasonic cleaners are the best types of products that you can use if you want to access high quality jewelry cleaning features. Usually, it will take a lot of time to clean these items manually. That is, if they actually get cleaned after a lot of work.

With the Branson B200 Ultrasonic Cleaner, you get to have immediate access to an automatic cleaning service that’s actually very fast, impressive and powerful. Plus, it’s quite inexpensive, which makes it a really good deal for people that want to get value for money.

Small and practical

When you want to use the ultrasonic cleaner, you will see that this unit is actually very small. The idea here is to always focus on quality and value. But if you can find a small unit that’s also really portable, that’s even great.

It really goes to show that the experience can be an outstanding one, so you should consider giving it a shot the best way you can.

It operates at 50-60 hz

This makes the unit versatile and easy to use in a wide range of situations. Usually, it can be very tricky to find the best results when it comes to using such a unit, but the entire experience can be outstanding if you use this type of approach.

That alone shows that the unit is very powerful and it can indeed provide you with the type of features that you may need.

You get a 5-minute timer

This may not be a very technologically advanced unit when it comes to the outside. The same thing you will understand most likely when you see the timer. It’s not the latest and greatest, but it does allow you to use this product for up to 5 minutes if the need arises.

The ability to control the entire experience is very well worth your time and money, so you should indeed give it a shot for that reason alone.

Suitable for a multitude of applications

Maybe the best thing about the Ultrasonic Cleaner is that it can indeed help you get access to a lot of unique applications. It’s not that hard to use, and the fact that you have multiple applications does seem to work to your own advantage in a rather good way.

It really is going to offer you lots of value and quality. You will be able to use it for cleaning electronic components, plastic machine parts, small geological samples, clock parts and so on.

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Question: Is this safe for pearls?

Answer: No, Not at all

Question: What is the height and width of the cleaner?

Answer: 6 inches X 8.7 inches

Question: Is this one big enough for eyeglasses?

Answer: Yes, It is


  • Portable
  • Operates at various values
  • 5-minute timer


  • Not very durable


Despite being a rather sensitive unit, the Branson B200 Ultrasonic Cleaner does pack a punch. It delivers a very good value and quality for your money.

It’s an impressive product and one that can provide you with a distinct and unique user experience. That being said, it can be used for many applications and it’s rather affordable.