CD-3800 Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Review

It’s always a very good idea to take care of your jewelry and dentures the best way you can. But many times, it’s extremely hard to keep them in a pristine condition.

That’s why all you have to do is to use the CD-3800 Ultrasonic for Jewelry Cleaner, which is one of the latest tools to help you clean eyeglass, dentures and jewelry in no time.

Stainless steel container

Maybe the primary benefit when it comes to the CD-3800 Ultrasonic Cleaner is that it has a stellar stainless steel container.

The idea here is that your items will be safe at all times and you won’t have to worry about any problems with them. The entire cleaning process is safe and it will offer you an outstanding set of benefits all the time.

Dedicated digital display

Since the CD-3800 Jewelry Cleaner, is a tool focused on cleaning items, you do need a digital display to see how much time you have to wait before the cleaning process is complete.

This display also has 5 cleaning modes. As a result, the cleaning process is very fast, convenient and it can lead to some incredible results as a whole.

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Easy to carry around

When you have this type of unit, you do want to make sure that there is no need to carry it around all the time. Thankfully, with this Ultrasonic for Jewelry Cleaner, you won’t have to worry about that at all.

The value is outstanding, the experience is very good and yes, the overall results are great for sure. If you need to carry this product around, you won’t have to worry at all. The device can easily deliver on its promise and the results will shine.


Despite the fact that it’s created out of plastic, this is actually a durable unit. It works better than expected, although you have to take care of it while carrying it around.

You do have all the instructions offered with the product, and they are very easy to read. As a result, there shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to finding the best value and quality in this situation.

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Question: Will it work on 220v?

Answer: No, it's designed for 110v

Question:What is the dimensions of the container?

Answer: 5.4"L x 3.6" W x 2.1" H

Question: What is the weight of the cleaner?

Answer: 2.2 Pounds


  • Durable & Inexpensive
  • Has a steel container
  • 5 cleaning modes


  • Made out of plastic


As a whole, the CD-3800 Digital Ultrasonic for Jewelry, Eyeglass, and Dentures Cleaner, offers a very good value for your money. It really is an amazing product to purchase and it can pay off extremely well in the end.

Should you consider giving it a shot? Yes, because it’s very easy to carry around, has a dedicated and very durable container, as well as multiple presets. You won’t need more than this for your day to day cleaning purposes.

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