How to Clean Jewelry in an Ultrasonic Cleaner [Step by Step]

Jewelry cleaning is easier with an ultrasonic cleaner. The device is easier and faster than any other jewelry cleaning device. It works differently, because it relies on ultrasound to remove dirt from your delicate jewelry. The cleaning process is easy. It is a question of putting the item to a tank already filled with the solution and turning on the cleaner.

It has a motor that produces ultrasonic vibration and this vibrates the liquid. In the process, it removes dirt particles accumulated in the jewelry. This cleaning device is effective, because it touches all aspects of the jewelry. This means that it ensures a thorough cleaning.

It is going to reach to all parts of the jewelry, which are not reachable by using traditional cleaning methods. The cleaning process is simple. Here is the step-by-step guide of using the system to clean the jewelry.

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You have to clean the jewelry with water to ensure that any remaining detergent is completely removed from the system. Finally, you have to dry the jewelry with a soft cloth.