Jewelry Steam Cleaner vs Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner- What Should You Choose and why?

When you own Jewelry, you always want to make sure that it looks great and it brings in front a really distinct value. However, that does mean you have to deal with some challenges along the way. And one of those issues has to be the right cleaning solution.

What type of Jewelry Cleaner should you use? Do you need to opt for an ultrasonic model or a steam based one?

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

These machines are very powerful and the best part is that you can get one and use it at home. When you add the Jewelry piece in the machine’s tank, this product will use ultrasound waves which go through the fluid and create some small microscopic bubbles.

The best part here is that the bubbles collide with the jewelry and thus the dirt and grime are removed. The technique is quite complex, but it works very well. You do have to rinse the Jewelry piece once you finish it, but the results work really well.

Steam cleaner

The steam cleaner is designed to be an eco-friendly solution and it does work really well too. Instead of using any harmful substances and chemicals, this one only uses plain water. The problem here is that there are some materials and gemstones like pearls which can’t be cleaned via steaming.

This leads to various problems that you may want to avoid in this regard. These units can be pretty small, some of them are large though. That’s why you have to check the features and instructions beforehand, just to make sure that you are making the right purchase.

Which one is the best?

As we mentioned earlier, each Jewelry Cleaner is created with the idea of offering you quality and value in a single package. The Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner is all about making the process simple and convenient for you.

However, it does use some chemicals and it can be a problem for some people. But the prices are very good for the ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners, in fact, many of them can be around $100 or way less, depending on what price you can find.

The steam Jewelry Cleaner is a good investment too. But the problem is that such a unit is hard to find and it’s certainly a lot more expensive. Also, there are some professionals that actually opt for the ultrasonic model first and they also get a steam cleaner for additional cleaning.

So yes, it can even be a wise idea to get both of them. It’s up to you to find the right approach, but the value and results can be very good in this regard.

If you can buy only one of them, then you may want the Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner. It’s less expensive and it uses a more advanced technology when compared to steam cleaners. But it’s not ecologic, so if you want ecologic option, then the steam cleaner is the right one for you. Regardless of what option you choose, both of these are amazing and you should consider giving them a shot!