Your Jewelry is an investment and sometimes, there is so much personal or sentimental value attached to it. Either ways your ornament deserves the best care and cleaning to maintain their original beauty and value. However, the beauty of jewelry, especially the ones worn close to the skin keeps getting tarnished with sweat, oils, hair sprays, perfumes and lotions and builds up layers of dirt.

Many Jewelry shops offers ornament cleaning services or can point you in the direction of a good jewelry cleaner. But, that is always an added expenditure and carries some risk. Hence, it is always a good idea that you do the cleaning yourself. The best jewelry cleaners you can find to help you with this are Ultrasonic Cleaners. In this article, we will also provide the best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner reviews, so that you will know what to pick.

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In a Hurry? Here are The Top 3 Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

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Introduction To The Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners

There are several ways to clean jewelry at home. You can do so by using some century old techniques that your call for soaking the ornaments in detergent or a cleaning solution and scrubbing it. But, this being the age of innovation, we have wonderful ultrasonic cleaners which are very efficient for cleaning jewelry at home. As the name indicates, Ultrasonic cleaners use high frequency, ie ultrasonic sound waves for cleaning ornaments.

By a phenomenon called Cavitation, these waves cause a rapid creation and subsequent collapse of microscopic bubbles within a liquid. These bubbles collapse when they come in contact with an object, and the surrounding liquid takes their place resulting in an intense micro-scrubbing action. This is how ultrasonic cleaners are able to clean areas of the ornament which are inaccessible to us and make them sparkle like new.

What Are The Best Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners To Choose In The Market?

It becomes always hard to select the top jewelry cleaner which can provide you the benefits as per your requirement. We try our best to provide you the best product reviews, editor ratings and information of the top rated jewelry cleaning machines in the market.

These ten items are tested to be the best jewelry cleaning machine available in the market today.You need to take time to read the full reviews of the top 10 products before making a purchase decision to know which particular model is perfect for you.


Recommended Jewelry Cleaner Reviews

Here we have narrowed down on some of the best jewelry cleaner and listed all their features for you to make an informed decision.

#1 Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine With Digital Timer

Best Jewelry Cleaner

Editor's Rating:

The Magnasonic ultrasonic cleaner is the best one for the job in effortless cleaning of the delicate items and valuables. This portable cleaner comes in handy to clean off dirt and grime or any oil residues from watches, jewels, and eye glasses as well.

The ultrasonic waves delicately cleanse the items without dislodging their settings.

This ultrasonic cleaner comes with a removable plastic cleaning basket and a digital display. With 20 oz capacity stainless steel tank, it can hold many items to be cleaned at once.

It creates 42,000 Hz ultrasonic waves which generate tiny vacuum bubbles to reach intricate places of the ornament making it a perfect cleansing tool.

It comes with easy to operate five pre-defined cleanse cycles. An auto off feature after completion safeguards the gadget from overheating. This compact cleaner works well with plain water, without the use of any external chemicals or solutions.

It works best as an economic cleaner in giving sparkling results. The ultrasonic vibration created by this cleaner marks it as a quiet cleaning gadget and is a popular buying choice by individuals for household and shops alike.

Read full review here


Question: Is this any good for cleaning greasy eyeglasses?

Answer: Yes! It's really great for greasy eye glasses.

Question:Is it safe to clean Pave design jewelry?

Answer: Absolutely! Pave design jewelry works just fine in this cleaner.


    • Compact and portable to carry anywhere
    • Ease of use with digital display
    • Spacious basket to hold varied items
    • Auto shut off after cycle completion
    • Noise-free mode of operation
    • Budget friendly gadget with exceptional cleaning power
    • Lifetime customer support for product


  • Not applicable to clean damaged pieces
  • Needs a power adapter for overseas users as it runs only on 120v
  • Over usage results in frying the circuit

#2 Ukoke UUC25W Professional Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Best Jewelry Cleaner

Editor's Rating:

What do we not buy to keep the glasses in our house looking flawless? Although, smaller and more complex accessories like watches, jewellery, eyeglasses, dentures, etc. require less frequent cleaning they do require intricate ones. Ukoke UUC25W makes this complex process not only easy and fast but also flawless.

It leaves your accessories with such a brand new look that you yourself might be fooled about when you bought it. 

Moreover, you do not have to buy myriads of things to clean them. Ukoke can do a perfectly fine job with tap water. However, you can use liquid dish soap for more intense cleanse.

In fact, the UUC25W can hold about 600 ml of water in its stainless steel container. You can clean metals, glass, ceramic, etc. but it will not be safe to clean explosive materials in it.

Apart from giving a deep and harmless cleanse with water, UUC25W can 42,000 HZ ultrasonic waves at 70W power for an even deeper cleanse. Moreover, it also has a heat function of up to 65-degree Celsius that is both safe and reliable. Apart from that, you will get 5 cycles to choose from depending on the material of the object you are cleaning. These are- 90, 180, 280, 380 and 480 seconds.


Question: Does this product have overheat protection?

Answer: Yes, it have overheat protection system.

Question: Can this be used to clean silver coins?

Answer: Definitely! It’s great for that.


    • Easy operation
    • Five cycles to choose from
    • Provides a great cleanse
    • Leaves with a new look
    • Quiet operation
    • Touch-control
    • Safe for use
    • Reasonable price


  • Too big for use in households
  • Only 1-year warranty

#3 Vivreal Ultrasonic Cleaner

Best Jewelry Cleaner

Editor's Rating:

Spending hours and valuable efforts to clean your jewellery, coins and other such accessories? Still getting an unsatisfying outcome? Vivreal Ultrasonic cleanser can do it in minutes for you without the slightest effort.

In fact, this cleaner with a capacity of holding 750 ml of water can clean more than one objects at a time. Moreover, it generates 43,000 Hz ultrasonic waves which is much higher than what its substitutes generate.

This helps the objects to have a deeper cleanse and a newer look. You also get 5 cycles to choose from with a time range of 90-480 seconds depending on the type of dirt you are cleaning.

You might think it must be daunting to use this cleaner. Fortunately, it’s the easiest to use cleaner you will ever come across. It not only has built-in waterproof buttons but also an LED Digital Display for your convenience.

Moreover, it has an auto shut-off function after its job is done. So, you can just leave it to work and forget about it carelessly without any consequences. Lastly, it assures you of its quality with its free replacement warranty and a one-year money back guarantee.


Question: Is this safe for eyeglasses without damaging lens?

Answer: Yes, I have used it twice to clean my eyeglasses. Did a great job and no damage to the lenses.

Question: What liquid solution is need ? Can I use Water

Answer: Yes you can. But we suggest to use iSonic Ultrasonic cleaning solution for making the cleaning more effective


    • Efficient and professional cleaner
    • Large capacity
    • Five time-setups to choose from
    • Very easy to operate
    • Digital display with waterproof buttons
    • Auto shut off feature
    • Warranties
    • Durable


  • Might seem too big for personal use.

#4 Branson Model B200 Ultrasonic Cleaner

 Branson Model B200 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Editor's Rating:

The Branson Model B200 Ultrasonic Cleaner is a compact and stylish cleaner. It can be conveniently plugged anywhere. Not only it cleans jewelry and optical pieces effectively & quickly, it can also be used for cleaning METAL gun parts.. It an cleans lots of jewelry at one time. Large enough for eyeglasses.

It comes with a stainless tank of 15 ounce capacity. An impact resistant plastic housing contains the tank. Along with the standard accessories it also includes a cover and a parts basket.

It is a highly versatile machine featuring a 5 minute auto shut off timer. It has an ultrasonic capacity of 40,000 Hz. It can also be used for cleaning gemstones, which cannot be cleaned with most of the ultrasonic cleaners. It uses a non-ionic blend of surfactants, detergent bases and wetting agents to clean jewelry safely and effectively. This solution is very effective and safe for gemstones as well.

It has the same strength as larger industrial units and yet gentle on jewelry and comes with a 2 year warranty. It is very easy on the pocket too and CE compliant for safety.


Question: Is this safe for pearls?

Answer: Not at all

Question: Is this one big enough for eyeglasses?

Answer: Yes! It will handle anything. Big compartment.


  • Useful for several cleaning applications like instruments, clock parts, small geological samples, small electrical and electronic items, recorder and drafting pens, and machined parts
  • Easy to use
  • Operates on 110-120V AC
  • Portable and budget-friendly
  • Stainless steel tank
  • 2 years warranty
  • Brass cleaning option


  • Short cleaning time which is not suitable for cleaning very dirty ornament and needs to be repeated
  • Small capacity and cannot be used for larger number of items

#5  Generic Sonic Wave CD-2800 Ultrasonic Cleaner

 Generic Sonic Wave CD-2800 Ultrasonic Jewelry and Eyeglass Cleaner

Editor's Rating:

Sonic wave CD-2800 is one of the best jewelry cleaner for diamonds with a transparent lid. It removes dust and residues with its energized waves and sparkles items to shine within minutes. It has a plastic basket to hold items to clean.

The gadget is white in color with a gray trim and is portable in size. This robust device produces 42,000 ultrasonic waves per second without any noise. Its digital display makes it easy to use for everyone. It has an inbuilt stainless steel tank which is spacious and accommodates 20 oz fluid. Plain water is sufficient to help in the cleaning of valuables.

From dentures to nozzle heads and diamonds, a variety of articles can be easily cleaned in it and brought to their original shine. It is provided with a 3-minute auto shut off and repeat cycles have to be started manually again.

The sonic waves naturally create microscopic bubbles which enter every corner and sweeps off dirt and residue effectively. The cleaning fluid can be added for extra shine. The dimensions are suitable for holding eyeglasses and large jewel sets. Its solid state circuit ensures that the device lasts long even with daily use.


Question: Is this cleaner safe for pearl rings?

Answer: If it's a real pearl, it shouldn't be a problem. But we suggest don't put pearls in a sonic cleaner.

Question:What are the inside measurements of the basket?

Answer: 6" long; 3 1/2" wide and 1 1/2 " deep


    • Economic buy for daily use
    • Noise free working condition of the gadget
    • Transparent lid to check internal environment
    • Stainless tank to avoid corrosion
    • Long lasting circuit for enhanced usage
    • Portable size making it convenient to carry around


  • No detachable tray and so cleaning is messy
  • No pre-set cleaning cycle
  • Doesn't give effective cleaning in one cycle

#6  Digital ultrasonic CD-3800

Digital ultrasonic CD-3800

Editor's Rating:

Digital ultrasonic CD-3800 is the latest ultrasonic cleaner defying its previous models with superior features. The 42,000 Hz frequency sonic waves generate efficient cleaning solutions without the need to add an external soap solution. Waterproof design is the added feature which ensures the safety of the gadget against short circuit by isolating the circuit.

The ultrasonic plate creates a lot of micro bubbles which effectively clears the dirt and residues from items. Varied articles like gems, dentures, and eyewear can be effectively cleaned to look like brand new items.

It is provided with an inner basket and a raised platform to clean watches and small items with the same ease and efficiency. The compact size makes it portable and easy to lodge on any counter top. The digital time display is bigger and bright to view at night times.

It comes with 5 pre-set time cycles to clean the items varying on the level of dirt. The stainless steel tank has 1 pint (600ml) capacity to load several items at once. A spill proof cover is available in the cleaning tub and a wide transducer is provided for ensuring powerful cleaning. 


What type of cleaner does this use?

Answer: The manufacturer says you can use water only. But you can use a mixture of 

mostly ammonia and a few drops if liquid dish soap and it does a great job.

Question:What is the input voltage?

Answer: 110 to 120 volts


    • Waterproof design and superior body structure of the gadget
    • Isolated circuit to ensure safe cleaning
    • Brighter and larger digital display for night use
    • Additional provisions like basket and watch holder
    • Pre-defined time cycles for cleaning
    • Portable and compact size of the cleaner


  • No proper instructions as in which external solution to use for cleaning
  • Cannot clean tinted glass efficiently
  • Not ideal for large scale operations
  • Improper cleaning soap solution can damage gadget and articles

#7  Ivation IVUC96W Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

 Ivation IVUC96W Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

Editor's Rating:

The Ivation ultrasonic cleaner stands above the rest with varied digital settings for cleaning. It features a removable stainless steel tank with a lid. This detachable tank makes it convenient for filling and cleaning.

It holds the 17 oz capacity to clean a variety of items at once. When ultrasonic sound passes through the liquid, tiny bubbles are created and they implode on contact. This generates pressure to clear the dirt from the items and leaves them shining. This is one of the diamond jewelry cleaner in the market.

Three adjustable power levels are provided for cleaning delicate items and non-delicates. The low power level is used for cleaning delicate items and higher power level for others.

Normal water is run through the cleaning process. To have enhanced shine any mild soap solution can be used. The gadget is made of heavy duty material ensuring its safety and reliability. Pre-set five-time cycles are provided to clean ranging from 90 seconds to 8 minutes.

Additional accessories like a basket are provided for cleaning smaller items, a watch stand to clean watch bands and a CD rack holder to gently remove smudges and residues.


Question: How deep is the tank?

Answer: 2.5" 

Question:Is it 220 volts machine

Answer: No. It's 110/120 only for the U.S. market.


    • Larger tank size with lid
    • Varied power levels to clean delicate items
    • Detachable cover for convenient filling and cleaning
    • Prolonged time settings to ensure effective results
    • Additional accessories like basket, watch stand and CD rack
    • Strong product body for durability


    • Unit is prone to overheating on prolonged usage
    • Corrosion of tank on use of strong detergents
    • Water level has to be checked to prevent contact with electrical connection

#8  iSonic® Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Model D3800A

 iSonic® Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Model D3800A

Editor's Rating:

The iSonic D3800A can be used for a variety of products like jewelry, toothbrushes, eyeglasses and dental tools.

It eliminates the need for a harmful chemical detergent because of its powerful 42,000Hz ultrasonic frequency waves which provide an effective cleaning solution.

It also offers extra safety because of its enclosed and water proof container design. It comes with a 600ml capacity stainless steel tank.

It allows you a choice between 5 preset digital cleaning cycles of 90s 180s, 280s, 380s, 480s and the progress can be monitored via the digital timer display which works even in low light conditions.

It also comes with an auto shut off and an automatic 3-minute cleaning cycle. All you need is to fill the tank with water and you can expect professional cleaning results. It is very safe for cleaning delicate items and yet cleans dirt and debris from the surface of ornament and eyeglasses efficiently.

It comes with a warranty of 1 year for parts and labour. Although it is produces high frequency sound, it is a quiet machine which does not cause any discomfort to a dog.


Question: Is it works for silver jewerly?

Answer: Yes, beautifully. I think this is the best jewelry cleaner for silver

Question:What are the dimensions of the tray?

Answer: The tank size is 6.1"x3.7"x2" oval. The plastic basket fits inside the tank.

The inside of the basket is about 1/4" smaller in each direction. It's a full size basket, not a tray.


    • Well-constructed for home use
    • Easy to understand controls
    • Can be cleaned easily by rinsing or wiping with a paper towel
    • Also suitable for small industrial or commercial units
    • Relatively quiet
    • Easy to fill and empty
    • Reasonably priced
    • Digital display with program buttons


  • Electronic parts are not sealed away from the damaging water vapour
  • It emits a little radio frequency which can interfere with the phone s signals
  • It is thick walled which decreases its usable capacity

#9  Black Hills Gold Source Model 890

Black Hills Gold Source Model 890

Editor's Rating:

This is a professional ultrasonic cleaner which ranks among the top 10 best ultrasonic jewelry cleaners. It is ideal for cleaning dirt and grime off ornament, eyeglasses, watches, dentures, shavers and other instruments.

A high frequency vibration plate is placed beneath the stainless tank. This plate creates millions of microscopic waves which are responsible for invisible scrubbing bubbles that loosen the dirt and grime from your valuables very gently avoiding the need for harsh chemicals and vigorous brushing.

It has 18 preset cleaning cycles ranging from 90 seconds to 30 minutes and an auto shut off. The 30 minute timer prevents over-use and overheating.

It is CE and ROHS certifies for safety. It has a 16 ounce tank with a basket and watch stand. The tank is sealed and prevents liquid from leaking into the insides. It can also be used with the lid open for larger items. It uses hot water for a better cleaning effect.

It is also suitable for stronger cleaning with the addition of a detergent or denture tablets, but it is certainly not built for cleaning grease.

Read Full Review​


Question: What is liquid capacity of tank?

Answer: The capacity of the tank is 600 ml.

Question:How much jewely can be placed in it at once?

Answer: You can put in about 10 rings or other items. But we suggest limiting jewelry to one layer in the basket,

and ensure that they will not touch during cleaning to avoid abrasion from the ultrasonic vibration.


  • Lightweight
  • Quiet and portable
  • Easy to store
  • Provides ease of use
  • Safe and eco-friendly
  • Very fast and simple cleaning
  • 18 preset cleaning modes
  • 120V sonic cleaning
  • 60 Hz Wall receptacle, no need for batteries
  • Easy to read display


  • Not designed for being used continuously, needs to cool down between runs
  • Not very durable
  • Does not provide effective cleaning with use of water alone
  • Not effective for silver tarnish

#10 Famili FM8000WW Ultrasonic Polishing Cleaner

 Famili FM8000WW Ultrasonic Polishing Jewelry Cleaner

Editor's Rating:

It can safely clean dirty, discoloured and tarnished ornaments, eyeglasses, watches, CD/DVDs utensils and a whole range of other items in a matter of minutes by using just water. For more superior cleaning you can add a little dish soap.

It is a powerful machine which generates 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic waves, which are gentle enough to not cause any damage to your valuables and yet provide good quality cleaning. There are 5 preset cleaning cycles of 90, 180, 300, 480 and 600 seconds along with a convenient auto shut off.

The chamber has a capacity of 20.3 ounces (600ml) and a wide interior which lets you fit in a wide range of items. It comes along with a basket to ensure that the items are contained.

The 5 cleaning modes allow you to choose a light clean for fragile items like glasses or tough clean mode for encrusted jewelry. It has an additional watch holder accessory for laying down watches to their full length, which provides for hard to reach nooks to be well exposed for cleaning of gunk.

There is also a basket to hold precious items and a disc hoist for CDs and DVDs. It comes with a 365 day warranty for parts, materials and workmanship. Read full review


Question: How well does this unit clean cd's and dvd's?

Answer: It works great. Just don't leave them in to long

Question: Does it remove tarnish

Answer: NO. But it will shine up gems.


  • Value for money
  • Easy to operate
  • Portable and Easy to store
  • Easy to read display
  • Environmentally safe as it does not use any dangerous chemicals, just water and detergent
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Has a basket, disc hoist and watch holder


  • Doesn't work as fast as expected
  • Not suitable for glasses with scratches
  • Vibration is too weak
  • Cannot clean jewelry without detergent

#11  iSonic® Professional Grade Ultrasonic Cleaner P4820-WPT

iSonic® Professional Grade Ultrasonic Cleaner P4820-WPT

Editor's Rating:

The iSonic® Professional Grade Ultrasonic Cleaner P4820 comes with an industrial grade ultrasonic transducer for increase power and durability. It has a rectangular tank with a capacity of 2500 ml/2.6 Qt).

The rectangular shape of the tank makes it suitable for cleaning longer items. It has a PCB design. A heater has been added for better cleaning effect and is preset at 65 degree Celsius. It has a 25 minute timer for brass cleaning.

It comes with an extra 1Qt brass cleaning solution which is a super concentrate which needs to be mixed with water in a 1:20 ratio. It is better than the typical 8 minute timer. It can also clean automotive parts. There is also a grounding and a detachable power cord for better safety and easier handling.

You have a digital timer which can be times to 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 minutes. It has a power of 110V 160W including the heater. There is an additional full size optional plastic basket. It has an ultrasonic frequency of 42,000 Hz. There is also an overheating protector and a cooling fan.


Question: Can I use it without the heating function?

Answer: Yes, There's a ON/OFF switch for the heater.

Question: Can i use it to 220v?

Answer: Yes, if you have the proper converter.


    • Large tank capacity
    • Overheating protector
    • Cooling fan
    • Digital control
    • Suitable for professional cleaning
    • Heater runs independently from cleaning
    • Comes with a much needed brass cleaning option and extra brass cleaning solution
    • Full size plastic bucket


  • Not as quiet when it first out of the box. Got Louder
  • The Heater is little slow

#12 FoodKing Ultrasonic Cleaner Ultrasonic Cleaner (10 Liter)

FoodKing Ultrasonic Cleaner Ultrasonic Cleaner

Editor's Rating:

The FoodKing Ultrasonic Cleaner Ultrasonic Cleaner features among the top rated Jewelry Cleaners list. This unit is controlled by a microprocessor and has powerful built in transducers which strengthen its ultrasonic power and make for a superior cleaning outcome.

It has a durable stainless steel construction of grade 304. There is also a stainless steel basket which can be used for cleaning small objects which need less friction.

The basket reduces the friction between the small objects and the tank. It also has a tight fitting stainless steel lid which comes with a handle to prevent water from diffusing.

It has a heating power of 250W and an ultrasonic power of 240W. Both Ultrasonic cleaning and heating can work at the same time. It generates ultrasonic waves of 40,000Hz to clean thoroughly without damaging the valuables. It generally uses just tap water for cleaning.

You can additionally supplement it with about 5-10 ml of detergent for an enhanced wash result. It has an LED digital timer control for controlling time and temperature, from 1-30 minutes and 0-80 degree Celsius respectively.


Question: How deep is the inside of the tank?

Answer: About 5"

Question: What are the dimensions of the basket?

Answer: 5" x 10" x 5.5" deep, tank is another .5" - .75"


  • Easy to operate
  • Generates 40kHz ultrasonic wave
  • Uses tap water
  • Works well for jewelry, eyeglasses, watches and dental equipment and guns as well
  • Has an extra basket
  • Kid-proof rubber feet
  • CE, FCC and RoHS approved for safety
  • Durable stainless steel construction


  • Leaks at welded seams which can damage the circuit board
  • Heats up fast
  • Very noisy with a buzzing sound
  • Not a very reliable product

Why Should You Use Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner?

  • Chemicals in cleansers like denture tablets can be harmful to your jewelry and can weaken and erode the alloys that make up the setting. Hence, it is essential that you use only the top rated jewelry cleaners.
  • Prolonged exposure to water and cleaning agents can break down the glue used to affix gemstones and settings.
  • Some gems absorb the detergent or chemicals used for cleaning and this can cause damage.
  • ​Abrasives in some cleaners can hamper the shine and lustre of the jewelry.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Jewelry Cleaner

There are several kinds of jewelry cleaners in the market that as a first time buyer you can get very confused or may not know what features to look for. Here are a few tips that will help you pick the best jewelry cleaner.








How Good Jewelry Cleaners Can Help You Save Valuable Times

  • Saves you a trip to the jewelry store: Every time you have a piece of gem that needs to be cleaned, you will need to run to a store to get your ornament cleaned. You either waste your time sitting there waiting for the ornament to be cleaned or have to come back again to collect your cleaned ornaments. Having a good ornament cleaning machine saves your time in having to take so many trips to the jewelry store or cleaning outlet.
  • Very Handy in case of emergencies: Just in case you aren’t able to find time to get your ornaments cleaned with a professional and you have a sudden need of wearing your ornaments for a party or any such event, you may not have the time to rush to a professional. You will be left with no option but to google for home remedies for cleaning ornaments which are very time taking. Having a good ultrasonic cleaner will save your time by cleaning your gems effectively. Besides, using harsh cleaning agents may also damage your gems.

Top 4 Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Brand


Since its debut in 1954, Magnasonic has been famed for developing unique and innovative products. The company is based on 6 key fundamentals: performance, superior quality, value, style, simplicity, and outstanding customer service. When purchasing magnasonic jewelry cleaners, there are crucial features you should look out for. For starters, it is advisable to buy a model that comes with an integrated tank that is made of stainless steel. Make sure that the unit can be plugged directly into the wall, since batteries do not contain enough electrical current to correctly power these machines.


iSonic Inc. offers professional ultrasonic cleaners to business establishments, retailers, distributors, consumers, manufacturers, dental clinics, laboratories, and more. The company produces up to one million units annually, all of which are made with high end AI & SMT lines, with Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) certification. Every product features 5 internationally-recognized certifications: CETL, ETL, PSE, GS, CE, as well as REACH, PAHs, RoHs, and Phthalates certifications for heavy metal and chemical substance controls.


Hailed as one of the most exclusive jewelry retailers in Canada, GemOro offers some of the most sought-after brands in jewelry. These range from precious gem collections and diamond rings, to gold and platimum, ensuring that you get any type of jewelry that you desire.

GemOro jewelry cleaners are designed to not only help in cleaning, but to also add sparkle to your items through advanced and user friendly digital systems. The cleaners are eco-friendly and can even help clean a large number of jewelry items quickly while retaining their properties and value.


Since 1972, Esma Inc. has been manufacturing state-of-the-art ultrasonic jewelry cleaners, alongside high quality electropolishing equipment. The company offers a unique cleaning process that involves transferring liquids from individually heated storage tanks to a single ultrasonic chamber. The tanks are made to re-use and then filter the acids, detergents, and rinse water -- a technique that has been particularly effective in cleaning processes that use dangerous chemicals.

Tips for Using and Maintaining Jewelry Cleaners

Using the right cleaning solution: Every brand manufacturer will suggest the kind of cleaning solution which is best suited for the jewelry cleaner. It is highly recommended to use the same to avoid any damage. Take care to fill only till the level marked by the line. Use non-toxic, biodegradable and ammonia free solutions.

Remember to heat it up: For the cleaner to work best, use hot water for the cleaning solution. Some cleaners come with an inbuilt heater for the same purpose.

The cleaning process: In order to maintain the cleaner in good condition, after you take the ornament out, clean the tank with a soft brush to remove any residual dirt.

What you should not put into the cleaner: Take care to follow the instructions that come along with the unit to avoid certain items that can corrode or damage shouldn’t be put into the cleaner. Do not use items which the particular model cannot clean. Also follow all the instructions for use, cleaning and maintenance.

Do not Overload: Do not put too many items in the cleaner. It is better to add them in batches. It hampers effective cleaning and they may scratch the equipment. Leave the ornaments inside for 5-10 minutes after the cleaning run is done to allow the dirt to settle down.

Use a parts basket: Without a parts basket, the sinks to the bottom of the tank and inhibits the transmission of energy through the water which does not account for effective cleaning. Also it will scratch the walls of the tank and may also cause the unit to fail. You could also use a simple spacer to keep the parts off the bottom of the tank.

Never Use Solvents: It is not safe. Vapours of flammable solutions, can collect under the unit and ignite the electrical components.

    Final Verdict

    Jewelry Cleaners are a great way to clean and maintain your ornaments. Not only do they save you a lot of time and money, they are also very easy to use and save you the hassle of running to a jewelry cleaner or making cleaning solutions and spending time and energy brushing your jewelry.

    They make the task of cleaning your valuables very easy. They are also environment friendly and save you from the harmful and pungent vapours of regular cleaning solutions. They can also be useful for cleaning eyeglasses, watches and dental equipment. Hence, they are a great piece of equipment to have at home.

    If you are thinking of cleaning your ornaments at home, some of the best jewelry cleaners are already listed here to make your job easy; these are certainly the ones I would recommend you to go for. If you want to get your jewelry as new as it was bought for your friend, you can consider these as best friend presents because it is suitable to do so.